27 March 2007

Polarized Sunglasses - Kaenon

The best protection for your eyes this summer comes from polarized sunglasses. I confess I just thought polarized simply meant another kind of tint, but in reality polarized sunglasses do a far different job. Polarized sunglasses help reduce glare from the sun, while still giving you a clear, bright image that is free of glare. Polarized lenses were developed for aviators who needed to differentiate between landmarks in bright sunlight. This explains the enduring popularity of aviator style polarized sunglasses, which are not just a fashion statement - although Kaenon sunglasses are quite a cool design. Because they cut out harmful glare so efficiently, polarized lenses are helpful for driving and playing sports. they are especially good for sailing or fishing, when you want to see what is below the water line. If that has convinced you of the value of polarized sunglasses, you may want to look at ADS sunglasses, a site owned by an optician. The site will explain all aspects of sunglasses, prescription sunglasses and sports eyewear so you can choose the best option for your eye protection.

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