30 March 2007

Data Deposit

It's hard to understand why companies are still storing sensitive information - for example the records of our credit card transactions - on old fashioned magnetic tape. If they have not heard of the alternative, here it is. Online data backup, secure and reliable, is a simple solution for businesses and public institutions alike. All your files will be 448 bit encrypted and only you have access to your data. This is how it works: instant online backups are created whenever your files are updated. That's all there is to it, once you register. No procedures to follow, just set and forget. You can forget about your backup implications and get on with your business. You no longer need to store and safeguard your backup tapes, no worries about them being stolen or corrupted. Hard to see why anybody is still using tapes as far as I can see. Your Data Deposit Box holds as much data as you need, costing just $2/GB for the storage. If you need to backup your material, have a look today.

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