02 April 2007

Wholesale Business

A hot recommendation for a high margin business with low overheads is to buy Wholesale Designer Sunglasses that can be sold at retail prices wherever you choose. This is a business with tons of possibilities for you, and it is not restricted to cheap throwaway versions. Many resellers make profits of between 600 - 1000 per cent by selling the glasses in shopping malls, open air markets, bazaars and flea markets - anywhere you can think of. The company is now offering Polarized Sunglasses, in response to many requests from customers. These are made to a high specification that is unique to CTS Wholesale, and are particularly useful for sport or activity such as fishing or skiing because they cut out the glare. To help you get started easily you can take advantage of one of the variety of package deals on wholesale sunglasses. These are replicas of renowned brands like Adidas, Gucci, Versace and Armani, bringing your customers the same excitement they would have felt when wearing the original ones. This deal can bring the cost per pair down to as little as $1.50, and there are free display boxes included. Check the details at CTS Wholesalers today.
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