02 April 2007

New Appearance

At one time the belief that you should judge people by what is inside was the norm. However, thanks to high profile stars and their glamorous images, outward appearance is what counts most. Cosmetic surgery is booming across the world like never before. In south east Asia it is estimated that up to one in ten adults people have undergone surgical correction of some kind, and there is a trend towards eyelid surgery for children to get a more 'Western' appearance.
Some people said that they have more opportunities, promotion prospect and confident after having the surgery. Yes, you may look better after cosmetic surgery and become popular, but that is not your true self. I think everyone is unique and we should treasure what we have. I don’t think that merely appearance will bring you to succeed. How much effort you have paid is more important. The reasons behind this development are that people believe an improved appearance will also improve their life chances. However, after the operation you could be sorely disappointed if you have built your hopes up unrealistically. A good plastic surgeon should counsel you beforehand to ensure your expectations are realistic, but sadly this often does not happen. For an independent explanation of all the implications of plastic surgery, check out plasticsurgery101.net. They offer you free, detailed plastic surgery information so you can make informed decisions as you consider having cosmetic surgery.

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