12 December 2006

Reciprocal Link Quality Inbound Links

In my previous post I pointed to some factors that can wipe out your efforts in gaining inbound links to your site. That does not mean that reciprocal linking is any less important. Here are six golden rules for quality inbound linking:

1. Link only to partners whose pages have some relevance to you.
2. Make sure you are not leaving dead links on your site, and of course dump any reciprocals that are no longer being reciprocated.
3. Use anchor text on your links that target your keywords/keyphrases.
4. Ensure that link partners are placing your link on the site and page that was agreed. A PR5 front page with spammy multiple entry 'directories' will not help your SERPs results.
5. Webmasters can stop their link pages being spidered by using a 'no follow' on the page or in robots.txt, rendering your reciprocal link useless. Always check that their link page is indexed on Google.
6. Use link opportunities to link to all the important pages on your site, not just the home page. This can increase the relevance on the link as well.

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