03 December 2006

christmas gift ideas

I admit it Christmas shopping is occupying my thoughts and it is getting harder to know what to buy for middle-aged friends and colleagues (sorry) who already have homes stacked full of interesting gadgets, paintings, ornaments if they want them, and will choose their own clothes and accessories. So what do I get for this hard to please group? I am now looking at gift baskets: these are a big thing in the states and are beginning to catch on over here.

They are a good way to earn appreciation from your boss, clients or other associates by gifting them a christmas basket gift filled with goodies. Even pets are getting in on the act with ready made christmas gift baskets for pets. Your dog gets favourite toys and treats, with some extra special food for the holiday season. I think Kevin the Collie has already written his letter to Santa, asking for all his top Christmas treats - sausages probably figure high on the list.




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