02 December 2006

Christmas Gift for Investors

I am ever open to opportunities to invest, even at Christmas. So I am thinking about investing in some gold ingots as Christmas gifts. Not as crazy as it sounds, and a gold ingot is certainly more desirable than a useless ornament or gadget that is only going to end up at the charity shop in a few months time. I am sure most relatives and friends would be delighted to receive gold as a Christmas Present this year.
It is precious, beautiful and carries a mystique that is fitting for our oldest form of currency exchange. I am fascinated by precious metals and their history: gold has been used as an easily liquidated investment since time immemorial. Investing in gold - either as coins or ingots - is simple, and they can be kept in safe storage for you if you are fortunate enough to be able to make a serious investment. As an investment,gold can quickly be turned into cash if required, and it remains a beautiful and appreciating asset.



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