29 November 2006

Use Adwords for Traffic to Website or Blog

I have been reading Tim Phelan's Blog, and found some good ideas for using Google Adwords to get Traffic to Increase your Adsense Income. If you want to try this I recommend that you read my Free Guide to Using Adwords
Here is what you need to make it work I think:
1. A site that people will want to come back to. For whatever reason they bookmark the site or just remember the name. ( Or perhaps you can set up the a newsletter capture page and send out something to get them to come back.)

2. Steady use of the adwords ad. If it is working at all and you do get the repeat visitors then you should see a steady improvement on the cost of the adwords ad and the revenue of the adsense.

For example, if on the first day you try this and you spend $10 and you get $10.50 from adsense, then you may be tempted to say "That's not going to work. 50 cents? Big deal." and stop the ad. But if you keep it going and you see a steady increase in profit margin then you should keep the ad going. That means people are coming back. Eventually you may want to stop the ad but why as long as your traffic and margin keeps going up?

3. Having an affiliate product or your own product to sell on the site also. This may help you determine whether or not to keep trying to use adwords to get traffic to the site.

This particular site where I got over 1000 clicks yesterday was doing OK for months at a couple hundred clicks. But I tried an inexpensive adwords campaign and the amount I spend on the campaign has remained the same as the amount of traffic has continued to increase to the point now that it is 5 times more than what it was.

I am trying this on a few other sites as well, including one site that is a pure sales site for a niche industry, reselling hundreds of products from shareasale. This one is a little different because I am spending more on the adwords than what I am making on adsense and the sales of the products combined. However I am willing to do that because I see a decrease in the difference and I can see it reaching the point where I will be making more because this site is well made, has a good domain name that people should remember and I want to brand the site.

So is using adwords, or any ppc advertising, a worthwhile way to make money from your adsense sites? I would say yes, but you need to pay attention, watch the figures and test the ads. If it doesn't work out, try another site though. Many just won't work this way. And this probably won't work with the average adsense type site with just articles, feeds and adsense.'

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