20 November 2006

Your Home as a Business Entrepreneur Center

Using your home for a successful business requires a lot of organization. You still need the home to be a suitable place to eat, relax and sleep, if you and the rest of your family are to coexist in harmony. If you are starting to use your home for your business, you are not alone.

The days of dormitory suburbs are over, and every town and village contains aspiring teleworkers, desperate to leave soul-destroying jobs in large conglomerates. The home has massive potential to adapt for multiple use, with a little planning and adaptation.

If you need a well resourced home office for your business, choose an area that is comfortable and suitable. Decide how much space you need, make sure it is well lit and warm enough. If you are using your computer, make sure your seat is well designed. Repetitive strain and neck injuries are sadly becoming more common and this will not help your business!

Businesses that require stock can be a real challenge for the home entrepreneur. Look for a space where you can access the items easily, and store them at the right temperature without causing a hazard to anyone else at home. If you turn a garage over to storage of goods, that could be eligible for a tax allowance so check with your accountant.

Do you need to meet customers or clients at your home? Make sure you have an area that looks professional and businesslike, where you can take them without tripping over bicycles or children's toys. If you start to get more than a couple of visitors a day, you will need to think about getting permission to carry on a formal business from the local council - before the neighbours start complaining. Or meet your visitors elsewhere - depending on the situation, you may consider checking out cafes or hotels where noise levels are not too high. Otherwise look for a local serviced office centre, where you can often rent space by the day or even the hour.

Using your home as a business centre can save you a lot of cash, and help you get started in the tough early days of your new home business.

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