23 November 2006

Search Engines - Metasearch beats Google

We receive more search engine traffic to our sites from MSN, Yahoo SearchBigDaddy and Dogpile than Google so I was interested to see this story:
Dogpile® Earns Highest Search Engine Customer Satisfaction Ranking.
"BUSINESS WIRE writes that Dogpile.com, the search engine that combines the top results from all the leading search engines, ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction among Internet users. The study was based on responses from 10,787 residential customers of Internet service providers nationwide.

Included in the study for the first time, Dogpile.com scored top ratings from Internet service subscribers in all three factors that determine overall satisfaction within the segment: ease of use, functionality and results. As the Web's leading metasearch engine, Dogpile.com meets the needs of Internet users by offering the most comprehensive view of the Web and helping them retrieve the most relevant results.

J.D. Power and Associates study also finds that nearly 75 percent of Internet subscribers use multiple search engines. Forty-four percent of those customers report using multiple search engines because each one has better sources depending on customer needs. Dogpile.com combines results from multiple engines to bring together the highest ranked results in one place.

Dogpile.com first reported that a major disparity existed between the results returned by the top search engines in 2005, citing a University of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania State University study. It found that, on average, there was a mere three percent overlap among the results returned on the first page by Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. The study showed that entering the same search term on the most popular engines yielded differing outcomes, resulting in substantial amounts of missing information. This meant that for the vast majority of searches conducted on these sites, users wouldn’t see results that are ranked at or near the top of the first page by the others."

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