30 November 2006

Domain Name Parking Can Make You Money

If you have any domains that you are not using at the moment, you can park them and make a residual income from them. The way it works is this - you direct your domain names to your Domain Parking Company's DNS Servers.
It is really simple to register with a reputable agency like Name Drive, and you start earning extra income from visits to your web page. When a visitor lands there, they see a page of search results that are related to the name or subject of your domain. As they click on any of the sponsored links, you earn money in the same way as Google Adsense or other Pay Per Click advertising. It is free to register, your domain can be earning residual income within hours.

Each time a surfer clicks on one of these sponsored links you earn an income, similar to using any other Pay Per Click search engines or publishing network.

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At 9:18 pm, Blogger alpesh said...

Domain Parking RPM data from PPC income:
Parking Dots-80


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