03 December 2006

Get a Second Life Internet Business

Well, nothing stands still. Apparently myspace is no longer the hotnumber - SecondLife is a 3d online planetwhere you can trade, buy property and make money. You can set up a shopfront or kiosk and trade good and services with other second lifers. It is a popular site, with 1.5 million members, and 700,000 visitors in the past two months. There is real cash being spent (via the virtual currency, Linden Dollars) - more than $600,000 in 24 hours. Big names like IBM and Dell are moving into secondlife fast, I suggest you check SecondLife out today, signup for free and give it a whirl.

It may look like an online game but there is nothing geeky about this fantasy world - unlike many other social sites, Second Life is about making money.

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