28 March 2010


I have an interesting dilemma since opening my new business - how to store a substantial amount of cash at home? Because we live in a small village, there is no branch of my bank in easy reach of my home or business. I do not have room at home for any lockers in the workplace, and I cannot be certain of the security in any case. I have worrying memories of the poor security in public places ever since I saw a guy have his car keys stolen from the allegedly secure Gym Lockers at my favourite gym a few years ago. He was followed by some local characters after they saw him park his new car outside, and after he went up to the weights room they raided the Wood Lockers and made off with his cherished car. Fortunately they were soon picked up by the police, but the guy still had to endure the stress of returning to find he had been robbed. So I am looking for a strong box that can be fixed to the floor in the house, with a good lock.