18 December 2008

Gift Cards

This year most of us are looking differently at the gifts we buy for friends and family over the holiday season. The need to get value from the money we spend has never been such a priority in my lifetime, the good news is that we no longer have to run around looking for pointless trinkets that will amuse for five minutes. This was always a frustrating exercise as most of those gifts were returned to the store straight afterwards, or ended up in a charity shop! It is now trendy to buy gift cards, leaving the recipient to choose exactly what they would like.

Make sure when you are buying these tokens that the card will be widely accepted, so that your friend or family member can use it in their favourite store, like the cards sold by
Gift Card Mallâ„¢. Their cards are redeemable by a wide range of retailers, allowing the user to get the gift they would have bought for themselves, and they will be very well received this year.


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