01 November 2007

German travels

For me, there is a certain something about the land of castles and forests - Germany. This country has held a fascination for me since childhood when I travelled there with the school. The quality of hotels in germany is high, and you will find your room is equipped with a fluffy downy duvet - the stuff dreams are made of. Wherever you travel in Germany you can be sure of a warm welcome, and the hoteliers are dedicated to making sure that you enjoy your stay with them.

If you would like to visit the country's capital, you will find that the hotels in berlin
are quite cosmopolitan, with an international clientele. But the old values still remain - in particular the endearing habit of leaving a vodka bottle and tomato juice on the breakfast buffet, just in case you fancied a cocktail at 8am.

When you travel around to the Lande you will find more of the countryside hospitality again, and the big peak time for hotels in munich is the Oktoberfest, a season of rejoicing over the grape harvest and looking forward to next year's vintage - essentially there is no need of an excuse for a party.



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