07 March 2007

Data Deposit Box Resellers

Anyone working online takes a big risk if they fail to back up their content and data - and I am one of them. Yes, I copy on to a memory stick and copy that data on to another PC - when I remember - but that is hardly a total solution. Today I was asked to look at Data Deposit Box, a service that makes instant online backups whenever your files change. This secure service is fast and easy to set up, and affordable - just $2 per gigabyte of information. Imagine how much that could save you if you were to lose the ebook or website copy that you worked on for weeks! Data Deposit Box™ was designed to be used by everyday computer user without the benefit of an IT support staff. The good news for internet consultants is that there is also a reseller program enabling partners to bring a fully brandable turn-key online backup service to market quickly with a minimal capital investment. This offers Online Backup Reseller Success to Systems Integrators, and PC Consultants, while providing scalability to satisfy the needs of Telcos, ISPs, and Cable Companies. For more information about the Data Deposit Box™ Partner Program, please visit www.datadepositbox.com.
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