27 February 2007

US Debut of Russian Artist

A new groundbreaking presence in America, Russian Artist Victor Lysakov is already an established artist in the international art world and looks set to take the US art scene by storm. By the end of 2007, Lysakov's Art Company plans to partner with at least 20 other modern art galleries throughout the country. These select dealerships will be eligible to purchase and display Lysakov art in their galleries. Lysakov's modern expressionist paintings are celebrated for their vibrant palette and unique composition. Lysakov is celebrated for his vibrant, unmistakable colors and his distinct color palette. His contemporary motifs include creatures, figures, animals and nature. His modern art is not entirely subjective, though: a captivating story accompanies each image, giving the viewer an insight on the artist’s muse. Lysakov challenges the viewer to conquer their fear – paintings should not be scary. “They merely depict life,” he says. “Sometimes the scariest things in life are the most trivial ones.”

Prints are produced in giclée format and are printed digitally on UV-resistant, museum-quality archival canvas. Giclée is a French term roughly meaning "spray or squirt" which refers to the digital printing process. During printing, millions of microscopic droplets of ink per second are applied to the print media. A giclée is a high-end fine art print often recognized as the next best thing to owning the original.

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