22 February 2007

Promotional Products

Starting a new business takes time, money, and energy, and clients can be hard to come by. Using promotional products is a smart way to gain clientele and beat the competition to the punch. Mozcomm, the Mozdexx community, can help you with promotional items that draw attention, respect, and clients.

Three years ago, more than 550,000 businesses launched. More than 580,000 businesses shut their doors the same year. What led to their failure? Often, high prices and poor visibility lead to a lack of clients. Without people to pay for your service, your business is certain to fail. How can you prevent this? Get your name out there from the very beginning. This is where promotional packaging and promotional items can help.

Men and women are far more willing to pay for an item they have previously sampled free or an item or service that comes with a substantial discount. By using promotional products, you can attract new business. One satisfied customer is likely to spread the word to his or her friends and family. Word of mouth can increase a business triple-fold.

When choosing promotional products, expect the products to range from a simple pen or pencil to a personalized laser pointer. Pens often cost less than twenty cents each; pencils can cost pennies. Usually, a company specializing in promotional products requires a certain number of items to be purchased at the low rates. For under $100, a new business can receive 500 pens to pass out to potential customers.

Key chains are always popular and cost a little more than pens. Giving away key chains at festivals can gain you many clients for very little effort. The only thing you need to invest is a little money having the key chains created.

Candy pieces are also inexpensive promotional products. Sure, it will be eaten quickly, but the right candy will make a lasting impression. Truffles, chocolate hearts, and packages of mints are all popular choices. Promotional packaging surrounds the yummy treat and thrills recipients.

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