18 January 2007

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If you look at my list of 'friendly blogs' you will see a link to Matt Jones' "Successful Money Making" blog. He has some well researched articles on income generation, and he has introduced me to some earning programs that I had not previously heard of. I will be including some of them in my next Internet Business Tips ezine, so look out for that.
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At 3:43 am, Blogger Nitin Hindustani said...

Thanx for commenting in my blog. You told that using myLot we cann't make much money. But If we use 4-5 hours daily we can earn 2-3$ per day and if we refer others than only we can earn a lot with mylot. anyway you told me that "try duno" is it best to earn and how much we can earn through it.

At 10:18 am, Blogger Kevin the Collie said...

Hi Nitin, thanks for your comments.
I agree that myLot can make a little cash (although it takes quite a lot of time). I am referring people there as this is likely to yield a good return - and it is a useful, intelligent site. Sadly duno has turned out badly. They reduced the payment rates drastically and now they appear not to be paying at all - and unlikely to honour their committed payments.


At 11:28 am, Blogger Nitin Hindustani said...

Thanx Dear,

I have joined Duno and started discussion within 5 mintues they send 100's of emails one by one. So I stopped doing work over there. anyways
Where are you from.

At 1:12 pm, Blogger Kevin the Collie said...

Yes the emails were excessive. It's a pity they were not as keen to pay out! I am in London, we are getting a very low rate for dollars at present, which is reducing earnings. I sort of hope the pound will get a little weaker!


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